Here are more of the classes offered

Basic Wilderness Survival 101  This hands-on course will lay the foundation for a lifetime of wilderness adventure.

  Coach’em Up  .  This course will allow students to delve into the layers of coaching at all levels. How we integrate our faith into coaching will be at the core of our studies.

 Work It Out Extravaganza — Mind & Body Students will work out their bodies by exploring a variety of exercise (including Zumba, Barre, and Yoga) while working out their minds by spending time with a daily devotion. 

 The Olympic Games  Students will have a chance to study the History, Geography, Politics, Scandal, Fashion, Champions, and everyday Competitors that make the Olympic Games great. 

 “Oooh…Something Shiny" The class will also place an emphasis on encouraging each to student to discover their personal passions and how they can be used to glorify God in their own life

 Lifetime Leadership/Service/Balance  This course will focus on learning about leadership & service in the local, national and world communities.  Students will learn how participation leads to personal growth, self-fulfillment, improved networking while making the lives of those around us, within our country and around the world better. 


Summar Corrigan