Why We Chose Faith-Based Education For Our Families


Weekly Chapel
Qualified and caring staff
Nationally Accredited
Solid Curriculum
Childcare when students are not in class
Updated technology (Chromebooks, I-Pads, SMART Boards)
Good Extracurricular Activities (Sports, Drama, Forensics
Affordable (Financial Assistance is available)

“ We are excited and happy to have the opportunity to send our four children to a school that makes Catholic values and teachings the center of the mission to educate the whole child-mind, body AND soul. Not only have our children learned important academic skills, but they are being provided with a strong foundation in their Catholic faith, which I know will give them the ability to make good decisions that reflect positively in their community.” IC Parishioner and CCA Parent

 “I am thankful for the education I received at Christ Child Academy because I was able to form relationships with my classmates, teachers, and Church.  CCA provided me with a great educational foundation that helped me in high school and for years to come.”                                                                        Emily Paltzer, CCA 2013 Graduate                                                                                                   Sheboygan South High School Valedictorian & Hasselhofer-Wolf Scholarship recipient, 2017

My daughter started attending lmmanuel Lutheran school In the third grade.  She attended part time only because we had been homeschooling her and felt that some classes taught in the class room would be beneficial to her.  By the fourth grade she attended Immanuel Lutheran school full time.  She was so happy in her classroom and with combined grades in the classrooms we really saw her thriving.     

      I have often been asked why I sent her to Immanuel.  I had homeschooled for years. We are not from a Lutheran background, and her older siblings did not attend Immanuel  either.  But simply put, Immanuel staff cares.  We love the Lord first and foremost and Mrs. Wallner, the principal, has shown God’s love in so many ways through her caring of each and every student and it permeates the atmosphere at Immanuel.  I have seen teachers demonstrate Christ’s love in the classroom.  I spent many hours at the school volunteering and got to see first hand how each student is cared for, and how each teacher dedicates their day to helping that child thrive.  We were also very impressed with the curriculum chosen.  My daughter was very ready for the rigorous schedule in a college prep high school and felt fully prepared.      We are thankful for Immanuel Lutheran school. I would highly recommend it to any parent that wants their kids to excel in a safe, caring, atmosphere, with academics that challenge them to be their finest.   Brian and Tina Morgan (Kaylee)

“Without any family beyond the east coast, SCS families have become our closest relationships here in Wisconsin. From our very first thank you note for touring the school, to teachers and parents that we have laughed, cried, carpooled, and prayed with, we have developed deep meaningful relationships to carry us through twelfth grade with each of our kids. The unparalleled academics and Christ-centered education drew us in, but becoming a family has kept us here.”                       Melissa Kaule - School Board Member & Mother of 3 SCS students

 "Having a faith-based education played a big role in shaping the person that I am today. It taught me what a Christian lifestyle should look like and the teachers pressed me to fully understand what I believe in. Your teenage years are a critical time where you can be exposed to multiple influences. Attending a Christian school controlled these influences while also creating opportunities to learn what my passion and purpose was. Sending your child to a Christian school is a great way to build strong relationships with students and faculty that will live on for years to come!”                          James Rasmussen - Class of 2014, Marketing & Foodservice Trainee at The Vollrath Company, LLC

When our kids became school age, it was important to us as Christian parents that the Christian worldview and faith we nurtured in our home would continue where our kids would now spend over seven hours of their day. We were blessed to find a school to provide an excellent elementary and middle school Christian education, and we knew we wanted our oldest daughter to continue those formative high school years in the same type of environment. Following much prayerful consideration and research into Christian high schools in the area, we decided on Sheboygan Lutheran High School.

 Spending a day on the campus and visiting numerous events left us with the impression that here was a school that integrated the Christian faith into all aspects of its educational experience, that valued excellence academically and personally, that because of its size offered opportunities for student involvement in a good variety of activities, and that was made up of a staff and families that had a sincere interest in our daughter’s future here and eternally. Four years later all these first impressions are evidenced by the Christian young woman our daughter has become, which is why we are looking forward to our second daughter attending Lutheran High next fall. No school, even a Christian school, is perfect, but Christ is, and you will certainly find Him working through Sheboygan Lutheran High School. Spend a day there and see for yourself.

"We are grateful for SJL church and school  as the dedicated teachers, pastors and staff have helped us as parents build a solid foundation for our children. We can’t imagine our children attending school another place. While no place is perfect, we consider our time spent at SJL a privilege and one of God’s greatest blessings for our family. The teachers hold high expectations while making learning fun, relevant and all rooted in God’s word. Christ is ever present in the classrooms. Our church members  , teachers, and other families have become our “extended family” after 11 years . We believe that SJL is the best we can give our children greatly because of what the teachers, pastors, and staff give every day . We want to leave a legacy of Jesus in our children’s hearts to live in this broken world . We know the things our children have learned are permanently  etched in their brain for the days when they are no longer children. These eternal things are what truly matter to us."

"Although I've only been a part of this school for three years, it's been a great place to learn and grow in the faith. Every day, we are faced with a challenging curriculum and good teachers who always push us to do our best. St. John offers so many extra-curricular activities too, so there's always something to do, like basketball, track, drama, and forensics. St. John has helped me grow in the faith so much. I am thankful to be a part of such a wonderful school."

“Having both been graduates of St. John the Baptist, it was important that the values we learned growing up were passed on to our children.

We feel very fortunate to have teachers and support staff at St. John the Baptist who are excellent role models, dedicated to providing our twin daughters with a high-quality Catholic education. Our teachers truly have a passion for what they do, and it shows each and every day. Small class sizes allow our twins to receive individualized attention, and still be exposed to instruction beyond core classes (i.e., Spanish, music, art and technology).

Because of a Catholic education, our daughters are growing to be faith-filled, confident, well-educated young women. We couldn’t be happier about our choice and are very thankful to all at St. John the Baptist.

St. Paul is a school like no other, it is a family. The faculty continually go above and beyond their duties to ensure the success of each individual child, as well as communicates regularly with parents and building relationships. This provides peace of mind to parents that each student is receiving the attention and care needed to succeed in not only their classes but also in life. If additional help is needed, someone is always there to provide that. It brings comfort to know that at St. Paul, each child is accepted and included, just as how we are taught in the bible. The Christian foundation, the values taught, and the staff are helping mold my children into successful, kindhearted Christians and I couldn’t imagine my children at a different school. 

You know what is interesting? Many of my friends on Facebook are reflecting on 9/11 and quite a few talk about how they didn't know what was going on. They could tell there was something wrong with the teachers or they were sent home early but they didn't know what had actually happened until they got home. That's the opposite for us. As soon as St. Paul's heard about it we stopped class and watched the news, and then had an honest discussion about what was happening and what it meant for our country. Once again, St. Paul's education surpasses others.

""Sheboygan County is blessed with quality schools.  Trinity Lutheran offers top notch academics built on a solid foundation of strong Christian values.  When you have that option, which all Sheboygan County families do because of the voucher program, why wouldn't you choose a faith based education. Students at Trinity learn reading, science and math but they also get to learn about God, His role in our world and His promise of eternal life."

 Joe & Heather Leibham, parents of Andrew 6th grade, William 4th grade and Lucy 2nd grade

“There are a lot of really innovative and respected teaching methods in Sheboygan, and honestly, my children love learning enough that they would probably do well at any of the schools available to us. What sets Trinity apart is that it is not only strong academically; My husband and I are confident our children are growing in their faith and learning Christian values that they will take with them through all walks of life. There is nothing more important in life than that! What’s exciting is that we’re just starting our Trinity journey and already we can see the fruits of our choice to invest in a Lutheran education: a visible enthusiasm for learning about God and His Word, high performance on academic benchmarks, a personalized and communicative approach from teachers and staff, and blossoming friendships with Christian peers, family, and staff members with whom our family will undoubtedly remain connected to for another 10 years and beyond." -Kali T

"The staff at Trinity are passionate about their roles and responsibilities as Christian Educators. Our children thrive under their care and instruction.  We consider the school and extension of our family!"  -Hirt Family