The following are a sampling of the courses offered:

Be Prepared, Not Scared: Problem Solving The student will invest time and talents in the studies of personal finance, movie themes, and meteorology

 Design, Crease and Create; A Short Artistic Journey Exploring Motifs, Origami and Fiber Sculpture.

 The Inside and Out of What is Happening in Sheboygan County We will be looking at the current events in the business community, get an inside look at various entrepreneurs, and what they offer in respect to product, ingenuity, employment and the various ways that they use their position of leadership to help God’s people in the community and outside the area

. Front Seat at the Movies Front seat at the movies is a class in which the student will watch 5 historical films from different historical eras.Students will learn about the effort put into making a film historically accurate while also analyzing the inaccuracies and director bias.

 Exploring Teaching This class will give you a chance to look at what great teachers do and will include learning about different teaching strategies and student learning styles. Each day will also include traveling to an elementary school and being a teacher assistant.

 OK Mister, I’ll Make a Man out of You. This class will look at how to be a Godly man. Join us on the journey to recapture some of the ideas that society has allowed to be relegated to the history books.   


Summar Corrigan