Sheboygan Lutheran High Winterim highlights

The speakers for this year have been exceptional. 

Dr. Jim Pingel (Former Executive Director and Current Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin) spoke of how God has provided us with individual experiences to share our faith in the Lord.  Each of those experiences shapes us and how we apply the Biblical teachings we have learned will allow us to witness to others.  We can all be thankful for the gifts and passions God has given us and we should use them to honor Him. 

Mr. Brad Alles spoke on gender identity issues in our society.  He educated us on terminology and current statistics as He shared how the Post-Modernism is different than our Christian Worldview on topics of the Truth and the Bible.  The students watched the movie screenagers which dealt with the addiction and issues with too much technology in our lives especially students and the relationships with their families and friends.  After the movie, a Sheboygan School officer shared the dangers of the internet for students.  He addressed some concerns with the Facebook app and how the internet is not controlled by any single entity. 

Dr. Darlene Mech came and spoke about mental health issues that we face including depression and how teenagers have a higher risk based on external and developmental factors.

Summar Corrigan