Our SCCS high school campus has many great opportunities to prepare students for college and career readiness.  In addition to core academic classes for college readiness, we offer a variety of electives including art, music, industrial arts, and computer science, among others.  Our Bible portfolio program keeps our students accountable in incorporating Biblical worldview into every subject and incorporating service into their lifestyle.  Extra-curricular and Co-curricular opportunities include soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, golf, forensics, and drama.  In addition, we have a variety of clubs, such as Service Club, Book Club, Chapel Team, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Our mid-year Discovery Term offerings allow students to explore a variety of subjects and service opportunities, including a trip to 7 Bridges in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are working hard at preparing our students to impact the world!

In addition to offerings, we believe our school climate stands out among others.  When families tour the SCCS campus and randomly ask students to share about their experience at our school, they consistently share two things.  First, they love the smaller climate where all students feel like they are a part of a big family.  Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike spend time together; students respect each other and enjoy being together, no matter the grade.  Second, students feel that teachers are approachable and easily accessible to work with them when they need help.  Students feel supported by their teachers.  School feels good to our students.

Summar Corrigan