"Every parent's wish is that they are able to give their children the best preparation for life that they can, which is hopefully as good or better than their own.  My husband and I both went to parochial schools and value the experience highly.  Our three daughters all attended CCA and for five years all three of them were in school at the same time.  In my opinion, the first rate education our girls received at CCA is directly correlated with the success that they have had in high school, and hopefully in college and in their future vocations.  

More importantly, the faith based education and participation in religious activities offered at CCA, such as service days, volunteering at nursing homes and cantoring during church services, has demonstrated to them what it means to be a Christian.  It is a profound and satisfying feeling to know CCA is responsible for not just what these kids know after graduation from 8th grade, but also who they are as people.  They are Christians!  The kids I know who graduated from CCA, as a group, are some of the most kind, thoughtful, gracious young adults that I have met.  They are all great role models for my own daughters to emulate, and hopefully become.  

Brian and Laura Rice 

Summar Corrigan