Sheboygan Lutheran High School

Winterim – a highlight of our year at LHS

In the summer of 2008, the administration discussed the idea about having a time between the semesters similar to a winter term that are at colleges and some high schools.  (Thus, the beginning of Winterim at Sheboygan Lutheran.)  Some of the reasons for the change were as follows:

1.         To focus even more acutely on our mission, Preparing Christian Leaders—One Student at a Time.  We are a small, agile, mobile, school.  We can and should take advantage of that!

2.         To offer courses congruent with our mission and which cannot be offered or given detailed coverage throughout the four-year curriculum cycle.

3.         To challenge, stimulate, and enrich instructional growth in teachers.

4.         To offer a different educational venue and stimulus to students.

5.         To offer something different, unique, and in the Lutheran High spirit of family and community.

6.         To have the entire school refocus on our writing goals with accreditation (rubric will require 3-4 page written paper on class offering).

7.         To involve more alumni and community members in our school curriculum.  These would include assembly speakers, course offerings, and guest presenters

8.         To model and teach that education does not always need to be “graded” or evaluated—that there is value in learning itself.

Outside of the all-day classes, we attempt to have a daily leadership seminar.  This has included everything from lessons in leadership, mission work, or discussing every day issues that students have to deal with.

Courses that have been or are currently are being taught include:  Meteorology, CSI Lutheran High, Photography, Cooking, History in the Movies, Explore Teaching, Generes of Dance, A Christian Leadership Look at the Olympics, and Basic Wilderness Survival.  Students also have taken part in week long mission trips to El Salvador during this time.

This experience has been wonderful and unique for our school.  We have created a niche in our curriculum that is being looked at and copied by other schools.  Our students look forward to this time of the academic year.  Our parents comment on what a neat experience this is for their child. 


Summar Corrigan