OUR SCHOOL OF THE WEEK! St John the Baptist - Former Student Testimonial

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Former Student Testimonial                                                                    

Albers Family (Mark, Amy, Ben, Zach and      Brady)

Albers Family (Mark, Amy, Ben, Zach and      Brady)

Amy Albers (St. John the Baptist Faith Formation Grade 1-8) What year did you graduate?

I graduated from St. John the Baptist in 1982.


In what ways has SJB helped to shape your life and career choices?

My faith is a huge part of my personal and professional life. My faith, which SJB helped enrich, is the core to everything I am.


What was your most memorable moment while attending SJB?

The nuns were my most memorable moment while being a student at SJB.   Some of them seemed a little scary. I still recall the great 5th grade spitball fight in Mrs. Garner's class. We each had to write a page from the dictionary, as punishment,  after she caught us.


What makes SJB stand out from other schools?

I think the smaller class sizes help to make SJB feel like a family. It is like a community of its own; where everyone helps each other and cares about each other.


What was your lasting impression of   SJB?

The lasting impression was that I knew it was the school I planned to send my children to.


In what ways did SJB help you academically and spiritually?

Academically, SJB prepared me for my future . I was well prepared for high school and beyond. Spiritually , SJB continued to build on the foundation that my parents started.


Why did you choose to send your children   here?

It was very important to my husband and me that our children's education was intertwined with their faith. It was never a question in our minds that they would attend a parochial grade school. Fortunately for us, it was SJB.


Describe SJBin 3 words.

Community, Christian, Well-prepared


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