Why Faith-Based Schools Are Worth The Investment

The Benefits of Christian Education

A Christian education is an investment. You are investing in your children and their future. You and they will reap the benefits. Removing many of the negative influences makes Christian schooling an attractive alternative. Some say Christian schools shelter children from the real world.

Yes, Sheltered. Isn't it wonderful?

One of the primary functions of the Christian school is to develop discerning hearts. We can do so by working through issues and negative influences with students in a constructive and Biblically based environment. We strive to develop hearts that challenge or test the influences of things like: humanism, evolution, immorality, and materialism, influences that are simply promoted in some public schools. Even ignoring all the positive influences the Christian school provides, simply removing the unquestioned negative influences makes it an attractive alternative.

Sheltered? I certainly hope so!

The Christian school is chosen by parents who see that one of their primary responsibilities is to monitor the input their children receive and how that input shapes their view of God and His world. Most parents make an effort to shelter their children at home by monitoring the books they read, the programs they watch, the sites they surf, and the friends with whom they play. Our school affirms the importance of this parental role and logically extends it to the school day, actively continuing the work parents do.

The real world? Who are we kidding?

The real world is the one created by God in which all things hold together by the power of His Word. Only an education which acknowledges the sovereignty of God over the affairs of men can be considered an education about the real world. To the extent that public schools fail to acknowledge God and give Him His rightful place, they are sheltering children from the truth. Therefore, in reality, public schools are the ones which shelter children from the real world, not Christian schools.

Only for a time ...

The Christian school works somewhat like a greenhouse which is designed to provide optimum conditions for growth while a plant is young. Young children are protected and carefully nurtured to help them mature properly. When the time comes for them to be transplanted" into a more hostile environment, they are more likely to endure difficulties and continue to thrive because they have been trained well and have developed a discerning heart.

The Christian school provides a wholesome environment where children can develop to their fullest potential.

The Christian school serves to support and extend the work of the Christian home and church by reinforcing the same values and beliefs. The Christian school makes the very difficult job of parenting a little bit easier by removing a major source of unquestioned negative influences from a child's life.

Sheltered from the impact? Yes! From a knowledge about it? No.

Christian schools routinely discuss humanism, evolution, and other concepts readily accepted by mainstream society, but they do so from a Christian perspective. All of the problems which are part of a sinful world are also thoroughly discussed. We discuss solutions based upon Biblical ethics. The public school ignores the Christian view (or presents it as only one alternative from among many). Therefore, students cannot be guided into making the right decisions.


Thanks  to Cornerstone Christian Academy in Kingston, CA for these thoughts
Summar Corrigan